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Why should you choose Hemphill Law?

  • Comfortable Setting
    You'll be able to relax with us. Our office atmosphere is designed to be warm and comfortable — not the stark and sterile atmosphere you find at many law offices.
  • One-on-One Attention
    You won't have one attorney meet with you, enter into an agreement for representation and then pass your case to an inexperienced attorney to handle.
  • Extensive experience in Employment Law
    We don't handle traffic tickets, wills, or divorces — we specialize in Employment Law!

  • Courtroom experience
    Most cases settle before trial, however, we do have extensive courtroom and appellate experience.

Top Trial and Appellate Success Stories
Represented Prevailing Party In:

Jones v. Stevinson Golden Ford
(Expanded Public Policy Exception to Employment At-Will in Colorado)

Guarantek Laboratories v. Murray-Brown Labs
(Covenant Not-to-Compete, Trade Secrets, Breach of Fiduciary Duty)

Jordan v. City of Aurora
(Wrongful Discharge)