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Why do you need representation?

  • Contrary to popular opinion, employment in Colorado is not necessarily 'at-will'.
  • There are many exceptions to 'at-will' employment in Colorado and your situation may fall into one of those exceptions. A thorough analysis will assist in making a determination as to whether you may have a viable claim.
  • Ensure that you comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Know what your rights are in employment as it pertains to both federal rights and state rights.
  • Get a thorough evaluation of any potential claims.

Severance Packages / Separation Agreements

  • Avoid waiving vital rights.
  • Know whether you are waiving potential valuable claims.
  • Avoid adverse consequences to your 401(k) benefits and other retirement benefits.
  • Avoid potential liability for future obligations to your employer.
  • Avoid loss of future employment opportunities (even with other possible employers).
  • Possible increase in monetary benefits.
  • Avoid loss of insurance options.

Unemployment Benefits

  • Assistance with completing appeal paperwork.
  • Assistance at appeal hearing: Although attorney representation is not necessary, we can maximize your chances of prevailing.
  • Testimony at hearing can affect other possible claims in the employment arena.
  • Obtaining representation after losing at the hearing level is extremely expensive and it becomes difficult to overcome the decision issued as a result of the hearing.